In Conversation : Zander Schloss


The second entry in a series of interviews looking at the other folks involved in making the records you associate with Bob Forrest. An in-depth conversation with Zander Schloss, Occasional Thelonious Monster guitarist, Circle Jerks Bassist, Joe Strummer Sideman and co-captain of Sean & Zander.  Click on the banner for more.

After you’ve finished reading the interview, like the Sean & Zander Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Then, shoot us an email ( with your user names so we can verify and we’ll enter you for a chance to win a signed copy of the brand new Sean & Zander album, Other Desert Cities. It’s a good one.


The Bicycle Thief – “Rare” Digital Compilation

As this year marks the 15th anniversary of The Bicycle Thief, we’re making our compilation, “RARE” that was recently released as a limited edition physical package at Save Music In Chinatown, available digitally to the general public.

You can order a copy in our store.

Lossless Flac/320 mp3 & artwork PDF. $10.