“Years ago I wrote a song called “Memphis,” and sang it on the radio with Dr. Drew. A man named Memphis was listening to my song from a federal prison cell. That night changed both of our lives forever. So moved by the song, Memphis decided to get sober and change his life when paroled. He is now a personal friend and inspiration to me and countless others. Since achieving freedom, Memphis has been an exceptional student at Chemical Dependency college and faced overwhelming adversity including staying sober through a harrowing battle with cancer as well as the horrible restrictions and stigma of being a convicted felon. Through the years, I have been amazed by his enormous determination and optimism. Due to his prior life and convictions coupled with his battle with cancer, Memphis, like many other Americans has found it difficult to find gainful employment while achieving his ultimate goal of becoming a certified addiction counselor. While I can help him once he graduates, I think we all can help now. Lets get together and make sure that Memphis has a warm and loving home for the Christmas holiday.”

– Bob Forrest

Bob’s Book, “Running With Monsters” – PRE-ORDER NOW!



PRE-ORDERS are now live for Bob’s book, “Running With Monsters”!

Celebrity Rehab star Bob Forrest’s memoir about his drug-fueled life in the LA indie rock scene of the ’80s and ’90s and his life-changing decision to become a drug counselor who specializes in reaching the unreachable.

On Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, Bob Forrest is a counselor who helps some of the most unruly celebrities heal. He gets through to them because he knows what they’re going through–he was once the frontman of Thelonious Monster, a cult-favorite band, and ran with a group of musicians that included the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis and Flea. Though his band’s future looked bright, Forrest was in bad shape and let his career slip away as he sunk deep into chemical dependency. He went through many unsuccessful stints in rehab. When his sobriety finally stuck, he saw an opportunity to help others who were in his same predicament. Fed up with the traditional rehab approach, he eventually developed his own outpatient program called Hollywood Recovery Services. He has since helped guide many people back from the brink of death.”

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